Hohner Morino IVs accordion

Accordion Sales

I have quite a number of instruments waiting for check - up, minor repairs, or full restoration. They often get sold before reaching the website so if you are looking for an instrument do send me an email describing what you are looking for.

SALE! Spring 2020: offers invited on selected instruments

Hohner Morino IVs in first class condition.  One of best accordions ever made £2000 A new Morino now costs over £9000!

Weltmeister Achat 72 bass.  As new, less than half new price . £750.  SOLD!

Hohner Organola II top of the range in 1930s  and now restored to it's former glory.  £1500

Sale! offers over £1000 invited

Scandalli Scott-Wood Special 120 bass

Restored and tuned musette £880

Cooperativa speciale 3 voice 120 bass, restored and straight tuned. £850

Sale! offers over £600 invited

Dallape 'Special Make' 120 bass 4 voice musette accordion.  Handmade reeds pinned on leather give an exceptionally powerful sound.  A restored vintage instrument to perform and cherish.  £1500

Italian accordion ~1970 Restored and tuned.  One lovely sound £600 SOLD!

Frontalini 48 bass (12x4) Revalved, rewaxed, swing tuned A=440 £500. SOLD!

Hohner Concerto 72 bass, one of the best smaller accordions made by Hohner.  only £595 ! SOLD!

Scandalli Butterfly 120 bass.  Fully restored iconic instrument,  £750 

Sale!  offers over £500 invited

Pancotti 80 bass 2 voice accordion.  Fully restored 1930's instrument.  £750

Sale!  Offers over £500 invited

Settimio Soprani 80 bass.  All restored and tuned gentle vibrato about 4Hz middle of keyboard .  2 voice RH + 4 Voice bass £850

Marinucci 80 bass (with dim triad 7ths =96bass) Lovely rich sound £650. SOLD!

Cooperativa Luxus 120 bass, 3 voice restored and swing tuned. £1000. Sale!  Offers over £750 invited

Borsini 120 bass, restored and swing tuned,  beautiful and powerful sound in a classic 1930's design.  £1000

Parrot 32 bass accordion with 30 treble keys, lightweight 5.4kg  instrument serviced and tuned with gentle vibrato. £310 

Parrot 60 bass accordion with 34 treble keys, revalved and special tuning: swing and vibrato £888. SOLD!

Parrot 48 bass accordion with 34 treble keys, lovely sounding  instrument serviced and tuned £410  SOLD!

Settimio Soprani 120 bass  3 voice (LMM) restored and tuned for authentic Art Deco sound.  £750

Sell an Accordion

I am always interested in buying accordions new and old  regardless of age or condition, Get in touch!

Phone: 07810 332 151

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