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Welcome to Accordions South West

For sales, service and repair of accordions in South West England

'Squeezy does it!'

After decades performing many types of music and with a background in music technology and engineering the strands came together in 2001 with a workshop for repair, restoration, tuning and all things connected with accordions and melodeons including amplification.

You are welcome to discuss your needs with me and I will listen carefully and give my informed opinion accordingly. As well as used and restored vintage accordions  I can order new instruments at competitive prices. I don't carry large stocks which not only makes it much cheaper for you but also gives the opportunity to specify more exactly what you want to order from the vast range on offer. 

Visits to my workshop are by appointment only,  please call.   If you can't visit, it may be possible to buy an accordion you like on approval with the option to return it within a month providing the post charge each way is covered + a small handling fee of £25.

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