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About Accordions Southwest


Leslie Thompson BA(hons), AIMIT, 

About me

I set up Accordions South West​ in 2001 realising there were few people capable of repairing and tuning accordions in the country, let alone the South West.  

I studied and qualified in musical instrument technology 1971-1974 and subsequently worked as a technician for the BBC and Dartington College of Arts where I was responsible for electronic music and sound for ten years.  

About accordions.

The first instruments in the 19th century had buttons and gave different notes depending on whether pushing or pulling. Soon a piano keyboard was used which needed two reeds for each note one sounding on pull the other on push. Then more reeds were needed for different effects and many instruments have 8 reeds for each note.  Large accordions have 41 treble notes so that's 328 reeds and often 96 reeds in the bass section.

About music.

I currently play in two bands:  AMBER FIRE CEILIDH BAND which does a lot of weddings and similar celebrations mostly in Devon,  and DRUZBA playing East European & klezmer music for parties, concerts and festivals.

I also play French accordion music either solo or with a guitarist at restaurants, hotels and French theme functions

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